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Alfred Hamilton

Alfred “Al” Hamilton

Hi, my name’s Al, and it’s a pleasure to introduce myself to you!

I am one of many Midwestern “transplants” who left Illinois, right after high school, to attend ASU in Tempe. I have resided in the Phoenix area ever since.

I have a passion for teaching, having taught and tutored English and French. Additionally, I have taught MVD test preparation classes, behind-the-wheel instruction, and Traffic Survival School courses for several years. I have been teaching Defensive Driving School classes for the past six years, which has been a tremendously rewarding and enriching experience for me.

I have been an instructor for NiSE for over a year, and it has been an immense pleasure to work for this company, as we are all dedicated to trying to save lives by teaching responsible driving practices and valuable driving techniques as well as updating students on current Arizona traffic laws.

I wish to thank everyone for choosing NiSE, and for your continued patronage through these rough times, which will help ensure the sustainability of NiSE employees.

Jennifer Nash

Jennifer “Jenny” Nash

Hello, everyone!

My name is Jennifer. I am originally from Illinois and moved to Arizona in 2007. I have primarily done retail work and still currently work for a large nationwide retail chain. My good friend and trainer, Al, got me interested in teaching Defensive Driving School, which I have now been doing since November of 2019. I really enjoy it! Our students have been very interactive and pleasant.

I hope I can continue to teach Defensive Driving School, and I would like to thank everyone out there for choosing NiSE and supporting us.

Thank you all so much and have a nice day!

Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Robert has been a resident of Arizona since 1989. He first lived in Mesa and then moved to Rio Rico. He currently resides in Sahuarita.

He teaches in Pima, Yuma, Pinal, Cochise, and Coconino counties.

Robert is bilingual English/Spanish. He has been teaching Defensive Driving School for the last four years. He views teaching this class as a way of giving back to the community.

Robert and his wife Leticia have eight children ("All grown and out the house, thank God!")

“Our traffic laws change every year,” says Robert, “and we have many misunderstandings (myths) about what the law really says. That often causes us to be surprised when we are cited by our Law Enforcement Officers. Part of our job as Defensive Driving School instructors is to help people understand the traffic laws; but, more importantly, it is my job to help all of us be safe on our roadways.”


Our entire focus here at the National Institute for Safety Education is on people and making the world a better, safer place for all of us. That also goes for every instructor at NiSE schools—after all, they are (wonderful, caring, creative, industrious) people too! Rest assured that we are doing everything within our power to support our instructors through these difficult times, and know that your choice to enroll with NiSE schools—whether you enroll for online class or for in-person instruction, where you’ll get the opportunity to meet one of our fantastic instructors face-to-face—helps us toward that goal.

From our NiSE Company to every one of our students: thank you so much for choosing NiSE schools and supporting Arizona’s small businesses and employees!